Avasaram 108 App – Tamilnadu Ambulance Service for Fire & Police

Avasaram Mobile Application

Avasaram108 App – A game-changer in reducing accident-related fatalities.

The new Avasaram 108 app, designed to work even in places without Internet connectivity, is going to be a game-changer in reducing accident-related fatalities.


The app is user-friendly and requires a one-time registration. When a call is received via this app, the latitude and longitude of the caller’s location is captured, which helps reduce the response time.

A technology developed by IIT Madras called Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF), was being used to serve people better. When attached to computers in the Emergency Response Center (ERC), the DTMF device would convert their voice into data to identify their location, which is sent to an ambulance driver who will reach the spot within 18 minutes.

Currently, Tamil Nadu has 936 ambulances, including 64 neo-natal ambulances.

Download Avasaram 108 App from Google Playstore



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