Step by step process for Create a Digital Driving License through DigiLocker App

A circular has been sent to the state governments over the past few months on behalf of the Central Highways and Road Transport Department.

Create Digital documents
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What is mean by Digital Driving License?

All motorists have to keep their original driver’s license and the original, insurance certificate through digital documents on their smartphone.


All States, including Tamilnadu, have now come into practice. But motorists complained that “the authorities refused to accept digital documents”, and the case relates to the case in the Madras High Court that there are many practical issues in getting the original licenses lost.

Advantages of Digital Driving License:

“It is no longer necessary to have an original driving license and other documents in hand, but it’s enough to keep digital in line with the original license, which the traffic guards must accept.”

Step by Step Process to Create Digital Driving License

Step 1: Download DigiLocker App from Google Play store.
Step 2: Add Aadhar Number with DigiLocker App.
Step 3: Then add Scanned copy of RC Book and License documents into DigiLocker Mobile app.

Brief Steps:

  1. A Digital method is to go to Google Play Store on your smart cell phone and download the ‘DigiLocker‘ Android mobile app by the federal government.
  2. Then you need to connect the Aadhaar number in that process. It is necessary to connect the Aadhar number with the mobile app.
  3. Then, driving license, RC Make a scan of original documents, such as a bookstore, and store it in the Digilaker app. DigiLink App Then, traffic guards can show you this if you have an original document.

This is a practice brought by the Central Government’s Digital India program.



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