E-thottam – Order Fruits and Vegetable from Home in Chennai

With the curfew in force for the past 2 weeks, the Tamil Nadu government has announced that only essential vegetables and grocery stores will remain open till noon. However there are a few people inside the house who are afraid to go out and buy things.

What is mean by E-thottam?

Considering the need of the public and vegetables, the Government of Tamil Nadu has decided to sell vegetables and fruits through the Horticulture Department initiated Online Shopping platform called E-thottam. With help of this people from can be order the vegetable and fruits from home itself. Currently it’s only available for Chennai location will be enabled soon it will established on other districts.

If you go to the Horticulture Department’s website and order online, the goods will be delivered to the home.

Ethottam Vegetables and Fruits packs and price details:

The Government of Tamil Nadu has published a report on vegetables and fruits divided into 3 groups as follows,

The Vegetable Packages will be sold at Rs 300, 500 and 600 and fruit packs of Rs 500, 600 and 800 will be sold to the public if they select the package they need and order it online.

Fruits Packs:

Fruits Pack ARs.600/-
Fruits Pack BRs.800/-
Fruits Pack CRs.500/-

Vegetables Packs

Vegetables Pack ARs.500/-
Vegetables Pack BRs.600/-
Vegetables Pack CRs.300/-

How to Order Veg and Fruits on E-thottam Online Website:

The Government of Tamil Nadu has advised the public to order the Horticulture Department’s website for vegetables and fruits without going out as fast as the coronavirus is infected.

Vegetables and fruits can be ordered online at https://ethottam.com/.