Here we updated the completed collection 15+ Important Schemes that will implemented in Globally. These are very important general knowledge question to asked many times in many competitive examinations like bank exams and PSC Exams.

List of Government Schemes has been implemented through Globally

No Scheme Name Description
1. Social Improvement Program (CDP) -1952 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM With the participation of people, progressing the rural areas in all respects.
2. Real Agricultural Progress Plan (IADB) (1960-61) The aim is to provide credit, fertilizer, pesticide and seed for farmers.
3. Real Agricultural Area Plan (IAAP) – (1964-65) Its purpose is to improve specialty harvesting.
4. Planning for the project – 1965 The RBI’s loan nature control program.
5. Water Seeds Development Scheme – 1967. HIGH YIELDING VARIETY PROGRAM Element of the Green Revolution. Increase food production through new seeds.
6. India Tourism Development Corporation – 1966 INDIAN TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. In many places of the country, the hotel, the establishment of a guesthouse. “INCREDIBLE INDIA” – is a related word.
7. Venture Electrolysis Corporation – 1969 Provision of electricity in rural areas
8. Development and Urban Development Corporation – 1970 Providing loan to housing.
9. Racked Village Water Supply Scheme- (1972-73) Providing healthy drinking water to villages
10. Development Progress Project -1973 DROUGHT PRONE AREA PROGRAM. Preventing Drought through Ground Water Development and Environmental Improvement
11. The Peasant Farmers Development Progress- (1974-75) SMALL FARMER DEVELOPMENT AGENCY Provide credit and technical facilities for small farmers.
12. Kottle Industry Development Project – (1974-75) COMMAND AREA DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Ensure irrigation through a large and medium irrigation system.
13. The Twin Feature Project (TPP) – 1975 TWENTY POINT PROGRAM The goal is to increase poverty and increase living standards. Planning of the 5th Five Year Plan. The project was revised in 1982 and 1986.
14. Food for Work (FFW) – (1977-78) FOOD FOR WORK Provide food for the workers to engage in the economic progress of the country.
15. Antiodaya Plan – (1977-78) Empowering the poor on economic grounds


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