New Health insurance Scheme for Tamilnadu Government Employees


New Health insurance Scheme for TN Govt Employees 2016:

The Government of India Insurance Company has been upgrading to the Government of India for over 4 years from July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2016. Following the completion of the project on June 30, the Chief Minister ordered the implementation of the Medical Insurance Scheme for Government Employees for 4 years from 1 July and this is the best health insurance policy in Tamil Nadu.

Details Information
Scheme Name: Health insurance Scheme
Provide by: Tamil Nadu Government
Started Year: 2016
Beneficiary: Tamil Nadu Government Employees

The new health insurance scheme 2016 annexure vii:

  • Based on the open tender system, contract points were requested from public sector insurance companies. In this, United has chosen India Insurance Company. Based on this, the Chief Minister ordered the implementation of the company.
  • Under this new medical insurance scheme, which is being implemented by the government employees, the government employees have been fined up to 4 lakhs for 4 years.

Benefits of Tamilnadu govt employees health insurance scheme:

  • Some of the treatments, including cancer, organ transplant, have been raised to Rs 7,50,000. At least 40 percent of the disabled people who are dependent on the Government employee can benefit from this scheme without any age limit. Although the treatment has been approved in the hospital for treatment, it can be beneficial even though it has not been treated as an emergency hospital.
  • Under this scheme, staff and family members of Government Departments, Local Government Institutions, Government Public Sector and Legal Boards, State Government Universities can obtain medical insurance benefits for 4 years.
  • The Government should pay a monthly salary of Rs. The Government of Tamil Nadu will give Rs 17 crore 90 lakhs to the insurance company annually. This scheme will benefit over 10 lakh 22 thousand employees and families.

Download new health insurance form 2016:

Download Complete Details New Insurance Scheme


New Enrolment Form

List of Diseases / Treatments/ Surgeries Covered

List of Approved Hospitals



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