SLAS Exam 2019 Tamil Nadu (Important Guidelines to Teachers)


SLAS Exam 2019 Tamilnadu Special Guidelines for Teachers and Students

All government and government funding (neutral, upper and upper primary) schools will be held on 09.04.2019.

Here some key points about SLAS Exam 2019:

  • All students of the 7th grade will be held.
  • On 9.04.2010 (2.30-4.30 -2 hours) SLAS exams are required to be conducted for all students of Class VII Examination.
  • Sequence number was created for the remaining students after visiting unmarried students Only the selection will take place.
  • Train your teachers to prepare students OMR Sheet before the exam.
  • Students on SLAS Exam should be trained to make students aware of what students OMR Sheet should post on the answers to student details and questions. The Blue or Black Ball Point Pen should be used.
  • All students of 7th grade want to gives Aadhaar number of births and EMIS numbers to be kept ready.
  • On the night of 9.4.2019 After passing a visit to the students, send the Xerox copy of the Invigilator to their school. Do not copy it already.
  • Pre-planning is very important to choose the best method. Therefore, the choice is followed by the following methods and the choice is best done with the choice.


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