Tech Youtube Channels in Tamil
Tech Youtube Channels in Tamil

The growth of regional language based YouTubers increased each and every year according to YouTube, India Head of Entertainment said Over 230 million regional language users and more than 40 millions of users every year. When we talking about region content Tamil content creators makes a huge amount of demand for local language users.

The number of Tamil content creators and YouTube channels have been increased across all verticals. The number of content creators on different categories like Entertainment, Technology, Food, Music, Web Series, Movie Reviews, Cooking, vlogging, was increased demand of the audience.

Talking about technology Tamil YouTube channels are also has covered multiple topics like smartphone reviews take life hacks product reviews YouTube tricks and hacks mobile app reviews gaming gadget reviews comparisons speed test and daily tech news.

In this article we listed the best tech Tamil  YouTubers on Tamil regional language. The list was prepared based upon popularity on YouTube platform which watches time, subscribers list and trustworthy and quality of content.

Here some of the Best Tech YouTube Channels in Tamil:

The No 1. & Popular Technology YouTube Channel in Tamil, owned by Tamil Selvan. The channel was focused on Gadgets reviews and Mobile Application reviews, comparisons and other latest tech news. He also owned other English  tech channel HowiSiT vlogging channels named TAMIL SELVAN – தமிழ் செல்வன்.

Similarly TTG Tamil (Tamil Tech Guruji) inspired by Technical Guruji Hindi Channel also doing immense tech updates for each and every day. Also the brings more attention from the viewers in the short span of time. Additionally he owned some other channels called Tamil Banking – தமிழ், Tamil Consumer – தமிழ்.

Another interesting YouTube channel from language is Loud Oli Tech for detailed Mobile Review, Spec, Camera Comparisons, New invention gadgets unboxing, First Experience and App Reviews PUBG Gaming Tricks and lot.

One of the young tamil tech youtuber owned this channal also this had huge number subscribers  at short period. Covers Tech happenings around the world starting from Smartphone Unboxing & Reviews, Gadget Reviews, Tips & Tricks, Computer & Laptop related news, Technology Explanations. For daily tech video do subscribe this channels.

Tech Boss Channel is an authentic where you can learn about Technology and Latest Gadget without any biased review. Want to know the latest tech related daily updates with clear cut information this channels did good reputation among users.

C4ETech Tamil One of the Secondary Channel from C4ETech managed by Aswin Ganesh. He is One of the Popular Tech Youtuber in India. They produced High Quality Informative Tech Videos in Tamil.

TamilToday Tech Channel provides Latest Gadget Reviews in Tamil, Daily Tamil Tech News, Recent Trends in Tamil Technology. The motive behind this channel was to make Easy to Understand, Tech Videos in Tamil regional language.

Another Popular Tech Channel for Unboxing and Tech News. If want consider to buy any smartphone take look the recent mobile unboxing videos for better understating about the phone. Ultimately this channels posted lots of videos about youth employment, banking, gaming, explanation series and Whatsapp based tricks videos.

One stop destination for gadgets reviews (Unboxing and First Impressions) also this channels covers Network Accessories, Gaming Console, Head phones and Speakers reviews in details and monthly Q and A based series.

The Name of this channels tells about lot. The Guy behind this named Giri he actually making videos with fun and clearly explains about the 2019 smart phone and gadgets and other Smart TV review, Creating home based tech studio are really interesting to watch.

Another Young Youtuber in this list. This channel is all about reviews, unboxing, tips and other cool stuff in tamil.

Another interesting Tamil Tech Youtube Channels for creating regional based content who did massive quality tech videos with home based studio. He talking about top tech gadgets under minimum prices. Also he did lot videos about speakers, Smart TV hacks, Gaming console reviews and lot.

Young Tubers in Tamil Youtuber community who did lot videos about smartphone photography and small gadgets, reviews, smartphone, latest sale offers.

Talking about tech there huge number of channels did a lot of videos with detailed information. But in different iRobinPro only the dedicated tamil channel who didi only videos about apple products and gadgets, accessories. If you are Apple lovers please take look this channel.

Benefits of the regional Tech Content Creators:

Consider this scenario when the average consumer trying to buy any technology equipment like gadgets include smartphone, laptops and other accessories they really need to know entire product information and review, offers.

So tech YouTubers came to play a big part. Firstly they start testing and after they provide a detailed review including pros and cons. so the user can easily understand the entire things about the product. So that valuable information is really helpful to consumers to buy the right and quality products in the technology market. Also, they doing an immense amount of effort to create content to users to aware of the recent technology raises.

In case we missed out any popular YouTube channels in this list please send the email with your YouTube channel along with detailed description about your channel. We always love to encourage new content creators from the Tamil community. Hope that really helps creators to gain more subscribers and popularity among from huge audience.


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