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About TNREGINET: Tamil Nadu Registration Department provides the ease solutions to all public and property owners to check their land or property EC View status through Official portal. The properties registered in Tamil Nadu state can easily access each and every respective land records from anywhere.

To access these advanced features user needs to register with this portal as Citizen or Document Writer. So in this article, we are explained how to find the Land Records in Tamil Nadu.

Different types of services in TNREGINET Portal:

Honourable Chief Minister inaugurated Project STAR 2.0 Phase 2 modules on 10.12.2018 which includes,

  1. QR coded EC and CC.
  2. Payment through 58 banks.
  3. Sending of Scanned Registered Document through email.
  4. Registration of Societies, Firms, Chits.
  5. Registration of Marriages.
  6. Provision of issuing Birth and Death extracts.

Online User Registration in TNREGINET:

There are two different types involved in account creation,

(i) Citizen Account Registration

  1. Visit: TNREGINET Portal > Registration > User Registration > Choose User Type as ‘Citizen’ and enter your preferred username and password also enter Confirm Password.
  2. In the Security, Question Section Choose any question and enter the answer Right side Text box.
  3. Personal Details section users want to enter following details like (First, Second, Last Name, Email address, DOB, Mobile No, Phone No, Identification Type and No)
  4. Address Section users must enter the correct address that really to reach you easily (State, District, PIN Code, Door/Flat No, Street, Village/Town)
  5. Other Details User wants to enter the generated OTP Code in the section of Type the Code and OTP.

(ii) Document Writer Registration

  1. If you want to create Document Writer account registration choose User Type: Document Writer at the top of the Registration Form.
  2. The Register needs to enter the details such as (Registration District, Sub Registrar Office, Zone)
  3. Then Enter the Licence Type, Licence No in a nearby section.
  4. Once you completed Enter the generated OTP and press “Complete Registration Button”
  5. If you want to rearrange the details in the form you may click “Reset” Option.

(iii) Advocate Registration

  1. Are you an advocate? Need to create an account at TNREGINET follow the above steps.
  2. Choose user type us “Advocate” and fill Login details such as (User name, password, security question & Personal details section, Address, Other details (Bar council Number) and Verify with OTP then press “Complete Registration” Option.

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How to Check EC View (Encumbrance Certificate) Details:

Step 1: To check the Encumbrance View go to E-Services > Encumbrance Certificate > EC View

Step 2: Once head over to the EC View Form Choose which type of documents you need to watch. Normal EC or Documents.

Step 3: Then Enter all necessary details like (Zone, District, Sub Registrar Office, EC Strat Date, EC End Date).

Step 4: After entering the Survey Details like (Village, Survey No, Subdivision No) and press “Add” button.

Step 5: Next enter the generated code for verification.

Step 6: Finally hit the “Search” button to find your EC View.

How to Check Online TNREGINET Guideline value 2022:

Step 1: At TNREGINET Portal > Guideline Value & Value Property Valuation.

Step 2: Ascertain the guideline value of the property and Stamp Duty, Registration Fees etc.

Step 3: In Guideline Search there are various forms to be available choose your respective form and continue.

Step 4: After entering the details to view guideline value for (Street, Survey Number) Select Criteria (Village Wise, Category Wise)

Step 5: Then (Select Zone, Sub Registrar Office, Registration Village) and hit “Search” button.

Step 6: Now the details have been displayed on the screen.

The process involved in TNREGINET:

  • Ease of Apply Online service
  • The user can Search/View EC through Online
  • Can be able to Create Document easily Online
  • Check the Abstract for Draft Deed
  • View Encumbrance Certificate
  • Checking the Certified Documents

Advantages with TNREGINET:

  • Check your stamp duty valuation.
  • Calculate building value.
  • Encumbrance Certificate.
  • Create an Application.
  • Know your application status.
  • Able to download all public utility forms and deeds.
  • In Guideline Search, there are various forms to be available to choose your respective form and continue.


  1. Inspector General of Registration Tamil Nadu:

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