Tamilnadu CPS Account Slip 2017-18 Download

CPS Account Slip 2018

Tamil nadu Government Employees CPS Annual Slip Account Statement 2018-19 Download

Announcement issued by the Tamil Nadu Government:

CPS Account Slip 2017 – 18 (Contributory Pension Scheme) account statement has been available for download now.


Government Information Package Center for Contributory Pension Scheme Accounts for 2017-18 years for employees and teachers working under the Tribunal Pension Scheme of Tamil Nadu.

Payment Officers can download the above account papers at http://cps.tn.gov.in and subscribe to the website http://cps.tn.gov.in/public.

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Update: 27/11/2018

A report containing possibilities relating to the implementation of the old pension scheme for teachers.

Updated: 10/9/2018

Check CPS Missing Credits 2018 regarding Questions and Answers

Update: 27/8/2018

The withheld a/c slips will be hosted on 17.09.2018 as a second spell. If any amount deducted in the accslip will be added only after verifying the genunity of the amount from the DDO through hard copy (Official letter).

Step by step process to download Tamil Nadu Govt Employee CPS Account Statement 2017-18 online:

Step 1: Visit: http://cps.tn.gov.in/public/

CPS PaySlip 2018

Step 2: Under Subscribers login form “Enter your CPS No.” and “Date of Birth” details and press Submitbutton.

Step 3: Now your CPS Annual Accounts Statement will displayed on Screen.

Step 4: Now take copy of your statement for future purpose.




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